Monday, March 26, 2007

Pain Killer

There is a bar in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood called Trader Todd's. The bar is owned in part by none other than Donald Gibb, otherwise known as Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. Do you think he's related to the Gibbs of Bee Gee's fame, like maybe their manic depressive, weight-lifting brother who they employed as a bodyguard, only to learn that he was prone to flying off the handle and killing people? Okay, that's certainly not true, but I did once see Ogre in the bar, someone handed him a cell phone, told him the guy's name on the phone was Bill, and Ogre's all, "What's up Bill, you big neeee-eeeeeeerd!!!" That is a true story.

Trader Todd's is known for Ogre, karaoke, and nautical themes, but I mostly know it for the painkillers, a 3 shot pina colada type drink that knocks you on your ass like a right hand from Buster Douglass before he got horribly fat. I had one of them Sunday afternoon and I felt like each coconuty sip tripled my drunkness until I was not unlike Dudley Moore in Arthur 2: On the Rocks, wait, make that like Liza Minnelli twenty years after Arthur 2: On the Rocks. Get your ass to Trader Todd's and have a painkiller. If you go after a Cub's game, your ticket stub will get you a mess of free wings, but you might want to go with mild sauce, because if you're putting out that fire with painkillers, you'll find yourself Liza Minnelli-style in no time.


classyandfancy said...

Why have I never known of these delights? I feel ashamed of my life half lived.

5 of 9er said...

Another bar I have not been to... must go. What will I got for my White Sox ticket?

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Maybe we should do a tour of Wrigleyville bars in an afternoon, so we can get them all out of the way. I typically break into hives when I step into that neighborhood, so to get it all done in one fell swoop would be good.

K.I.D. said...

My friend Tom's lips swell up like Angelina Jolie's after eating spicy wings.

Must. Take. Tom. to Trader Todd's.