Monday, March 19, 2007


This past Saturday (St. Patrick's Day) I finally went to the Liar's Club.
It is a bit strange being part of a group of bloggers named after a place I've never been to. Now I can say I've been there... and had a great time.

LP, Cherry and the Aussie were there. Dr. Ken showed up a little later. Classy was a flake (lame... it was my first time!). And the highlights for me were meeting two new bloggers... K.I.D. attended which was fantastic, especially since she had to be on a plane early the next morning. What a trooper. And she is a PBR drinker... always a good choice. Loaf was there... he is visiting from London. The guy drinks straight vodka... much more of a man than me.

The 80's tunes were blasting (not all 80's tunes, but heavily 80's)... so much that with my damaged ear drums from my Austin trip I caught about 70% of each conversation. K.I.D. probably thought I was slow, but she humored me with conversation. And with Loaf's accent and funky English vocab I probably only caught 40% of those conversations. He was probably asking me if I do meth every day... and I was probably agreeing. Lovely.

Everyone was dancing except for me. K.I.D. told me a story about someone throwing up on her jacket at a bar, and there were so many drunk people at the Liar's Club that I just figured it would be smart if I stayed at the table and was Coat-Protector-Guy. There were a couple close calls, but no barf ever made it on to any of the coats. I did my job well.

A great time at the Liar's Club. A good time with friends. And a good time meeting new people. My only complaint is that beer is way too expensive. Fat Tire was $5 a pint. Too much.

My vote is to add K.I.D. to the Liar's Club.


classyandfancy said...

I know. I suck. I would have made it an even more magical experience and by magical I mean I would have been passed out sleeping on the coats.

5 of 9er said...

I just would not want to pass out at the Liar's Club... some one would barf on me. :)

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I think Kefla could become a member of the Liar's Club ONLY IF she could get someone to barf on her while hanging out at the Liar's Club.

K.I.D. said...

PBR pints were $2!!! It was glorious.

5 of 9er: Yes, I did think you were slow. ;)

[Cherry]: If that's the price of admission, I'm in! (not)

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yeah, you can drink PBR's for 2 bills, but the hangover the next day is a doozy. I spent Friday and Saturday at the LC, and both nights went swimmingly.