Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gutter Punks from the 'Burbs..

I was on the Belmont Bus last night sitting right next to three gutter punks. They had the look down. Two had grown-out messy mohawks. All three has the black zip-up hoodies with all of their patches sewn on with visible white stitching making such bold statements of what bands they liked. They had the creepers and all black Chuck Taylors. They were so anti-establishment (yet completely conforming to something else). And then I caught a great part of their complex conversation:

Boy Punk: Do I look good in this shirt?
Girl Punk #1: Yeah.
Boy Punk: Really? You don't think this red shirt clashes with my pants?
Girl Punk #1: No.
Boy Punk: Are you sure?
Girl Punk #1: Yes. You look hot. (followed by much face sucking)

Wow... so anti-establishment. What morons. I wish I could add the photo I took with my phone, but it did not come out. So you guys get the Punk Chipmunks.


NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Aren't they supposed to not care if their clothes clash? They are punk-light. Probably Green Day fans.

Kadonkadonk said...

Dude, don't hate on Green Day! (And don't call them puck either.)

If not knowing how to match is punk, I'm fucking Tommy Ramone!

carolyn says said...

a friend of mine was once sitting in a denny's in suburban detroit in like 1999 and heard one baby punk say to the other "man, that guy thinks he's so punk but his jeans are way too tight."

she nearly wept into her shitty denny's coffee