Thursday, March 22, 2007

Chicago Style.

When I moved to Chicago I embraced all things Chicago (except the Cubs)... I usually do that when moving to a new city. I love to feel apart of the city I live in, it makes life a little better when home feels like home. So I learned to love Chicago style pizza... something I had never tasted until I decided to moved here. Yep. I am certainly disappointed that you cannot get a good NYC style thin crust in this town - but I can always take a trip to NYC.

I have gone out for pizza at a few different places in Chicago and I quickly learned to love Gino's East downtown (Ontario & Wells)... none of the other locations are that good. Yeah, it's a tourist magnet but the pizza is top notch and since it is downtown I rarely go. Well on Monday night a few of us met up at Gino's to take Loaf for his first slice of Chicago style pizza. It was mediocre at best. I was disappointed that my Gino's East fell short the one night I needed to it shine (bubble and steam). So I am dropping Gino's down in my top places to go for pizza in Chicago.

1. The Art of Pizza
2. Gino's East (only the one on Wells)
3. Giordano's
4. Lou Malnati's
5. Chicago's


kT said...

here in pittsburgh, where we have no distinguishable pizza-style, there is a small, hole-in-the-wall joint called "little chicago's" that has the BEST deep-dish pizza i've ever had. furthermore, my roommate and i once had it delivered and the box was so big, we had to tilt it sideways to get it through the door. i'm planning on visiting chicago soon, thanks for the pizza tips!

The [Cherry] Ride said...

I used to Like Lou's the best - mostly because back in the late 80's it was a best-kept secret. But now that I'm back I have to give props to Giordano's. Liking Giordano's best is a little like saying your favorite burrito is from Chipotle, but it is what it is.

Art of Pizza totally rocks too, but sometimes it is hard to get to it. You were lucky since it was right down the street.

K.I.D. said...

I'm still not sold on Chicago pizza, but Art of Pizza is ridiculously good!

Great post.

carolyn says said...

giordano's saved me every time i moved and couldn't be assed to cook. the one in roger's park has kept me going on many an occasion