Friday, January 26, 2007

Paolo Nutini at the Double Door

Last night Richard and I went to see the free XRT Paolo Nutini show at the Double Door. Great show indeed and I don't really need to go into any details.

But I will say this: doors were to open at 7pm and there was a long line around the alley. We got in line about 6:40. It was frickin' cold last night and due to situation beyond my control I was not dressed the most weather-appropriate. I accept responsibility for that, but when you say doors open at 7, open the doors at 7 and NOT at 7:17, assholes.

The MC who introduced Paolo started off by saying "Thanks everyone for coming out tonight and thanks for your patience while we tried to get the doors open."

Sorry, tried to get the doors open? What, was there heavy furniture blocking the entrance? Did the door handle somehow fall off? You don't try to get the door open, you open it. Don't blame the door on the fact that you're a bunch of wankers and are too lazy and/or inconsiderate to open the door on time on the coldest night of the year.

It was a good show, though.


5 of 9er said...

Who gets to the club right when doors open? And they were probably running late because someone (band members?) needed to do more blow... maybe?

classyandfancy said...

I also hate when places make you stay outside even when the place is deadsville just so there is a line outside. Totally lame.

Katie in the UK said...

I LOVE PAOLO!! Yaay you for going!