Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Businesses

On the stretch of the avenue I live on, I have witnessed the rise and fall of some interesting establishments. At one point there was a great little Mexican restaurant called Picante, but it shut down to become a different not so great Mexican restaurant called Picoso which had two stupid dancing peppers on its sign. Picoso shut down after several months and is going to re-open as not another Mexican restaurant, but as a Thai restaurant. Sounds good right? Who wouldn’t want a Thai place across the street from them? Well, I am going to reserve my gushing until I actually go to the place with one of the worst names ever, Poo’s.

Why oh why didn’t someone advise the owners of this error in judgment? I don’t care if it’s the restaurant owner’s name and he/she is a world renown Thai culinary expert, pick something else! Standard Thai Restaurant would even do or Delicious Food Palace or even Bow Thai (barf, I know, but still better than Poo)! There’s a Standard India Restaurant nearby and that name doesn’t seem to hurt business. I just hope that the food is so good and that the name has enough kitschy quality for them to stay in business for longer than it takes to digest the food and you know, do the deed.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I ate there. It gave me the "Poo's."

Jenny! said...

I like the name...find it entertaining!

What did you have for dinner last night?


In Ink said...

Sorry but Thai Goo was a short-lived restaurant near here. I think that puts your Poo in the crapper.

/select all

ReckenRoll said...

There was a "Pu's" Thai restaurant right next door to our old offices in London and it was some of the best Thai I've had.

But then Pu is better than Poo.

Jenny! said...

So what happened to the Air Show post??? That was weeks ago!