Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Elbow Room

Last night I went to the Elbow Room, which is a great bar near my house, and I can't figure out why I don't go there more. They have a big space downstairs where bands play, but they so rarely book acts I've heard of. They also have a friendly staff, and Old Style cans for two bucks, which worked great with the promotional cozies. Last night it wasn't any of these elements that landed me there, as much as it was the promise of free booze from a friend of a friend doing a promotion there.

Here is the highlight of the evening: A female friend of mine was being STRONGLY pursued by a drunk guy there. He went in for a kiss like six times, and was denied each and every time. He then came over to say he was leaving like eight times, only to go back to the bar to regroup and make more attempted last ditch efforts/exits.

This gave us a great opportunity to do a play-by-play and color commentary, and we could do so within ear-shot, since both parties were drunk off their asses.

Hey, Liars, anyone else do any good people watching lately?


Tilly said...

The Elbo Room is kickass! That's where I had my boyfriend's surprise party (upstairs). Also, they have Ms. PacMan at that big booth table downstairs. It's the coolest.

Jenny! said...

Never been, but sounds like fun...but only if drunk dude commentary is alwasy provided!

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Tilly: I love me some sit-down Ms. PacMan. Throw me a surprise party, and I'll whip your ass at Ms. PacMan. I'll be eating ghosts and strawberries like it's going out of style.

Jenny: I am always up for some drunken commentary. Just don't comment on my drunkenness.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Hello - The Liar's Club is the best place to people watch. Although I haven't been there since we all went that last time in, what, March?


5 of 9er said...

Old Style for $2 - hell Classy and I am sooooo there!

janbee88 said...

Fine, this is totally out of place, but my favorite people watching joint would have to be Cafe Wha? which also happens to have the best beer selection in Greenwich Village. Yes, as in New York.

Totally out of place.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Cherry: You can pretty much assume I'll be at the Liar's Club about every other weekend, so just let me know when you're down.

Niner: I'm telling you, it's a great spot. The staff are so cool too.

Jan: Not at all out of place. We welcome Liars from all across the globe.