Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Partial List of Comments Made During Semi-Annual Meeting of the Liar's Club

Occassionally, we at the Liar's Club get together to discuss official business, like planning for the upcoming Pony Blegger (downgraded from a simple Blegger). But most of the time, nothing really happens at these meetings except drinking and bullshit. Below is a list of just some of the comments made by the Liar's Club through the course of the evening last Thursday at Cody's:
  1. I love the poon. Yeah, I thought The Pooner was a serial rapist when I met him, but he's a good dude.
  2. Who are all these douchebags in your photos?
  3. There was partial chocolate lovin'.
  4. I would rather have someone throw-up in my mouth than shit in it.
  5. I haven't read The Liar's Club in about 6 months.
  6. I need to get laid at the Pony Blegger.
  7. This is the part of the conversation where I just concentrate on my beer.
  8. I'd go to a culinary school where you only use Velveeta.
  9. I can probably buy one baby for $500 and get a deal on two for $850.
  10. There's nothing like a cheesy rod.
  11. I can just retire now and collect my Poon Pension.
  12. You have two chemistry tutors?
  13. I never realized Jet Magazine was the size of TV Guide.
  14. The tamale fairy has been here!
  15. You know what kind of movies he likes? Lady movies.


FitnessNerd said...

So, [Cherry] has two tutors?

And TV Guide hasn't been that size for about 5 years now...jeesh people, that's pathetic. No, wait, my grandma renews my subscription to TV Guide every year for Christmas. Now, that's pathetic! :)

I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

Is this Plegger in honor of my visit? I hope so! THat would be AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Every stinkin year a relative of mine renews my gift subscription to Guideposts.

I'm gonna take a wild guess here but #15 is about 9er isn't it?

Jules said...

Were #'s 8 & 10 said in the same conversation? I totally want to join the Liar's Club. What does the initiation consist of and is there hazing? If so, does the hazing involve Velveeta?
House of Jules

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

I'm not really sure what to comment on.. but I'll just say I did not know they still made Jet Magazine

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Thanks for putting this together, Cherry, and great photo.

I like how confused the commenters are thus far . . .

Olive Duster said...

I met the Tamale Fairy in Vegas. She smelled nice.

Anonymous said...

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ReckenRoll said...

That really is a smartphone that can give you a hug and read your blog.

Where can one get 2 babies for $850?

The Ambiguous Blob said...

Sounds like beer was necessary for this meeting.