Thursday, June 14, 2007

Traffic Tax In Chicago

Yesterday 14th Ward Alderman Edward Burke proposed that the city investigate a tax for all drivers into downtown Chicago, similar to London's tax (apparently NYC is also considering it).

I'll assume that the reason he's suggesting it is to: raise some money for the CTA (this would be a good thing), get people to consider other means of coming into the city, other than the single car driver coming in from the far reaches of the city and burbs (this too would be a good thing), and perhaps slow air pollution (also a good thing).

This idea is just never going to fly. If we already had a better public transport system -- a system in which it would actually be feasible for most people to come into the city by bus or train -- then maybe putting a tax on those who don't use it would be good and fair.

How about we give tax breaks to those of us who choose to walk, ride a bike, or take a bus into the city already? I'm a much bigger fan of that. But then, I believe an idea like that would never cross the mind of a city official, since about 99% of them drive a car to get anywhere.


carolyn says said...

they just extended the congestion charge here out to wimbledon in the west. the thing that i find puzzling about the congestion charge is that it's supposed to make public trans better but public trans here is still pretty miserable. no 24 hour service, more delays than i ever experienced in chicago and it's crazy expensive.

the buses are better over here though so i guess that's something, they don't smell like pee as much as the cta buses did, and no one has ever asked me if i was bruce springsteen over here like the creepy guy on the Halsted bus did that one time.

5 of 9er said...

I kind of understand it for places like London and NYC... kind of. But seriously, the traffic in downtown Chicago is not so out of control that they need to start this taxing system. Dumb politics.

NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I just pray that there's no porno tax.

classyandfancy said...
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classyandfancy said...

If I have to hear the CTA's "BLEEP BLEEP we are experiencing a delay . . . " one more time I'm going to cut someone.

Jenny! said...

Was that you this mornign on the blue line holding their ears and screaming??? Small world!

The public trans. is pathetic. I ride teh L every damn's disgusting and unreliable. If this talk about fair hikes approved, less people will ride, less money will be collected and therefore less work can be done. I hate taking the hell, but it is so much cheaper than driving.

ReckenRoll said...

They need it in Seattle for the damn Freeways.

Oh wait, they need public transport in Seattle FIRST.

Foiled again.

Chery Bond said...

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