Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sports & Weather.

Last night I some how made it to the Beat Kitchen to see Maritime (from Milwaukee) and Chin Up Chin Up (from Chicago) . Both were amazing... and the club was over packed / sold out. Maritime played lots of new songs making us all very excited about their upcoming album.

The funny thing about the evening was the topics of conversation on everyone's chapped lips were so not what most hip indie rock kids talk about at shows - Sports and the Weather. Really. Since the Chicago Bears (Go Bears!) are in the Super Bowl today, and because Chicago is such a football city, people had their Bears gear on and their football talk on too. Also it was -5 degrees outside, and the windchill was around -25... so people were also talking about the weather and how cold/hot their apartments were.

It was a refreshing experience. And I must say that the Beat Kitchen is a great place to see a show, even when it is sold out. Good room with good sound, and a separate bar that you can escape to.

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NAME: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Dude, I totally would have went to that show! I love The Promise Ring's last album. The whole thing is on my Depressing as Hell playlist on my itunes.