Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rape HQ: FBI? This according to Downtown Whistleblower

Anyone ever seen this guy downtown? I've only seen him in the loop, generally in the vicinity of Daley Plaza. Today he was at the NE corner of Clark and Washington. He literally blows a double-toot on his whistle every minute, his sign says something about the FBI being a rape headquarters, and his yellow smock reads something about Obama and the American flag. The only thing I can figure out is that his hat indicates he's a dad. Luckily, my dad lives in California, so at least this dude's not related to me. But seriously, who is he and exactly what is he protesting?

As I stood across the street to take this picture I had other questions about this man (I probably looked like a creepy office worker, but I'm hoping I looked dowdy enough after the holiday weekend to look like a creepy tourist, but I digress...). For example, he is really tan from standing outside all day, so what SPF does he use? Does he use any sunblock at all?!? Where does he go to pee? Does he switch off between Starbucks and Lavazza? I need answers, people!


Urbanist Chic said...

Talking with random people at a lunch table in Daley Plaza today, I learned that this is the same man who went on hunger strikes for days at a time. If he feeds himself, does that make him his own scab?

Urbanist Chic said...
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Bret said...

He's on Adam street and the River (union station entrance) every morning, I saw a group of about 4 people recording and filming him yesterday so maybe some answers will be coming soon. The longest "hunger strike" day I can remember him getting up to was 14, he'd have a sign that changed every day.

Steve said...

I was over by the fbi headquarters the other day and luckily was not raped. I did think that a rape whistle would have been a good idea though.

Ian said...


Stanley Bolten said...

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